Animal Nutrition Business lead Management – Louis Dreyfus Company – Genève, GE

Taking stock of LDC’s current businesses and assets footprint, the Animal Nutrition Business Lead will help define the animal nutrition business strategy across existing business lines for LDC and develop a global feed business plan. The Feed industry is broad, and it is expected that the ANB Lead will map its different sub-segments, identify market trends and define selected entry points with a focus on high value-end products In parallel, LDC has near term investment opportunities related to animal nutrition for which the ANB Lead will lead the appraisal and possible integration. The ANB lead will have to work closely with other initiatives and businesses of LDC, and more specifically with the Grains and Oilseeds division, and the LDC aquaculture initiative. The position can be based in Singapore, Geneva, Switzerland or any mutually agreed location.

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