CEO (Switzerland or Germany) – Novastone Capital Advisors – Genf, GE

Novastone Capital Advisors is looking for motivated, talented MBA/eMBA graduates to join us as a CEO and explore their entrepreneurial ambitions by acquiring and running a small or medium enterprise.
By joining Novastone Capital Advisors, you will have an opportunity to meet and connect with large European investors looking to support capable entrepreneurs. This opportunity will allow you to become our partner in a challenging undertaking that will begin with a search for a target company. The search phase is expected to not exceed 24 months, and we, at NCA, will ensure the necessary support is in place for you to build upon and succeed.
In conclusion, successful candidates will be able to locate, acquire and manage a company in the market and industry of their interest. Within the scope of the program, you will have access to financial and business support, as well as a balanced incentive package in the form of shares and carry interest that will further enhance and secure your entrepreneurial journey.
About NCA
Novastone Capital Advisors is a joint venture between Novastone Capital SA (“Novastone”), a Zug-based shared investment platform for Single Family Offices (SFO) and NuevoMundo Capital Advisors GmbH (“NuevoMundo”), a Zurich-based M&A advisory and investment boutique.
Job Description

  • Establish search process and team aiming to find business for acquisition in accordance to well defined criteria;
  • Manage acquisition process with the support of existing and experienced M&A team;
  • Step in into CEO role of newly acquired business;
  • Proactively generate and evaluate strategic growth options and business opportunities, develop long term business strategy and 100 days change plan;
  • Grow business top line via impactful marketing and sales initiatives;
  • Build the culture that embrace innovation and digital transformation;
  • Review product/ service offerings, portfolio strategies, existing brands positioning and identify gaps and implement improvements;
  • Identify value creation opportunities, design the new product/service (NPD), define the go-to-market strategy and organize the commercial launch;
  • Manage geographical expansions, when required, preparing and successfully implementing market entrance strategies;
  • Manage efficiencies and ensure profitable growth.

To be successful in your new challenge, your skills and experience include:

  • Strong strategic thinker equipped with an analytical skill set to support strategic reasoning;
  • Entrepreneurial, creative, thinking outside the box, able to identify opportunities where others don’t;
  • Strong presence and outstanding leadership skills;
  • Persistent and resilient, passionate about driving change within organizations;
  • Excellent in problem solving skills.

Candidate Requirements

  • Recent Executive MBA/MBA degree from top Business Schools;
  • 10+ years of experience in leadership roles managing multiple teams across multiple geographies;
  • Proven track record of running and growing businesses during the last 5 years;
  • Recent successful business transformation experience;
  • Experience in business geographical expansion;
  • Good knowledge and experience working in the Swiss or German Markets;
  • Fluency in English and German/French;
  • Long term commitment to the project.

Please apply by filling out the Application form and attaching your CV and Motivation Letter (in English)ENVOYER VOTRE CANDIDATURE

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