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He or she is assigned to specific contracts, where Orange provides highly complex and customized solutions or where the customer governance is complex, which will result in significant amount of effort provided on top of the standard QTB activities.

During the lifecycle of the contract, he or she is overall accountable for all program activities. This includes solution design in presales, service creation during contract setup, organic growth management (see definitions). A key objective of the Customer Lifecycle Director is to optimize the costs and use the best of our standard company processes and functions, while meeting the contractual obligations.

The Customer Lifecycle Director is a key member of the CBU mgmt. team on his/her allocated account(s). In this role, he/she works in collaboration with the CBU head to define the CBU strategy and meet the defined objectives.

The Customer Lifecycle Director is overall accountable for setting up, running and optimizing all program activities, as defined below:

Request to cash Solution Design in presales

  • Assessment & qualification of the complexity of customer requiremetns in the request to cash area
  • Contribute to define the bid strategy
  • Design the request to cash solution in line with this bid strategy: solution description, costing (incl resource forecasting), texting, value proposition description
  • Get internal approval for the designed request to cash solution to ensure compliance with corporate strategy
  • Present and sell the solution/value proposition to the customer

Handover the associated solution according to the international bid process in case the bid is won

Processes & industrialization

  • Service Creation for new contracts & contract extensions (new products, MSA changes, etc)

ü Manage the definition of the framework in which the contractual services will be delivered to the customer, for all domains/areas: request, quotation, ordering, provisioning, billing, incident & problem, change, inventory, capacity

ü Deliver the “request to cash” part of this framework, where needed by getting the input from the right subject matter experts

ü Ensure end to end consistency of the documented processes including handovers and clarity of roles & responsibilities within the account team

ü Use as much as possible the standard processes and functions and add the required customization to deliver the contractual deliverables only if/when it cannot be avoided

ü Use best practices from product or account teams to maximize efficiency

ü Get the signoff from the relevant key stakeholders.

  • Definition of the bid to order process for the assigned accounts
  • Management of improvement & optimization plans for the request to cash activity: customer facing or internal

ü Management of the associated tools

Quality & Performance management

Program Management

  • Take overal accountability of program activities of an account during the lifecycle of the contract, including:

ü Internal team management

ü Governance of the customer relationship

ü Associated reporting

Management of contractual obligations

Product specific activity

  • Product process industrialization

ü interlock with product, process & tools development teams

ü Participation in first cutomer projects to rollout new/immature company products

  • Manage the Third Party Vendor activity as described in the contract, when the TPV is not a standard Orange vendor and requires specific processes and engagement to deliver the customer requirements:

ü Design & documentation of the processes at the contract setup phase

ü Execution of the activity during the contract lifecycle

Optimization and improvement as required.

Transversal control activities

  • Quality management
  • Human resources management
  • Procurement management
  • Risk management
  • Communication management
  • Benefits management
  • Commercial & contractual management

Business development


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