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"Auto" insurance per kilometer still does not break in Switzerland

Economy: "auto insurance" per kilometer still does not break in Switzerland |

The insurance premium "auto", calculated according to the mileage traveled, appeared in Europe in the twentieth century, but remains relatively marginal in the Swiss market. Bâloise Assurances, one of the old Swiss leaders, founded the 2. May 1864, try its luck certainly, but with its German subsidiary "Friday", domiciled in Berlin. "We offer car insurance with our partner La Bâloise, but without including the mileage factor. That does not correspond to a need expressed by the customers ", observes Laurent Pignot, spokesman of the Touring Club Switzerland, association bringing together in Switzerland approximately 1,5 million members motorists.

All things being equal at the wheel, such as fatigue, a sudden fury, alcohol consumption or all three at once, a motorist rolling 20'000 km per year is a greater risk than one just 5000 km during the same period of time. This reality is a marketing asset, present on the European market since the last century. The "auto" insurance premium, calculated on the basis of the mileage traveled, can also stimulate civic choices, between the use of a private vehicle or public transport.

Common European examples of this type of offer. A price adapted to each kilometer traveled, this precision requiring the installation of a GPS box in the vehicle, object costing about fifty francs. The alternative of the packages generates a less precise billing, but ensures a flexibility in the use of the font. The kilometers of the package not covered by the insured are indeed carried over to the following year.

More potential in Europe than in Switzerland

The ambitions that Bâloise Assurances feeds in Germany are at the height of this market: about 47 million motor vehicles are registered in Germany. The Zurich daily NZZ estimates that the volume of premiums collected by Friday, with the system commonly called "pay as you drive", should climb to 100 million euros. The prospects are so promising that Bâloise Assurances has made an investment of 50 million francs in its activities in Germany, according to the site of financial information German investors, close to the media branch, have also demonstrated their confidence in Friday early this year.

In this context, Bâloise Assurances seems to believe more in the potential of "pay as you drive" in the European Union than in Switzerland. But everything could evolve very quickly on the Swiss market, after having started so slowly.

Created: 08.11.2019, 20h10


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