Gaznat – EPFL Research Program – Call for Applications

Gaznat and EPFL have established a strategic cooperation to set up a competence pole on CO2 capture, storage, and use for the production of synthetic gas in Western Switzerland. This cooperation has involved the creation of three Gaznat chairs and of a fund designed to support research projects in this specific field.

A third call for proposals, with a deadline on 28 April 2021 (17:00 CEST), is now open. Funded projects will focus on:

  • Carbon dioxide management: CO2 capture, CO2 utilization, geological storage of CO2, etc.
  • Gas supply of mobility (CNG, LNG, hydrogen)
  • Power-to-gas technologies: integration with power systems as well as injection of hydrogen into the gas networks
  • Biogas and synthetic gases

The call is open to EPFL professors and MERs, who can submit proposals for 24-, 36-, or 48-month projects. The total budget for the call is CHF 1.278 million.

Applications will be evaluated in a two-stage process by a scientific committee comprised of two EPFL and two Gaznat representatives, including a presentation day scheduled on 25 June 2021. Evaluation criteria will include excellence, implementation, and impact, i.e., the potential for industrial application. A preference will be given to collaborative projects that have a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) between 4 and 6.

Granted applicants will be informed by mid-July 2021, and they must begin their project on 1 November 2021. They will sign a research project contract with Gaznat, based on a template which can be provided upon request ([email protected]).

For more details, please visit the Gaznat – EPFL Research Program webpage.