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Specialist, Private Sector Engagement – GL E – 3 Year defined duration The private sector (both the commercial private sector and the NGO/CSO sector) is critically important in delivering key services for the fight against HIV, TB, and malaria and strengthening health systems. The recent success in improving TB case notification rates has come disproportionately from engaging with private practitioners. In high impact countries demographic and health surveys show that almost half (45%) of fever cases are treated by private practitioners and so efforts to improve case management will have to involve the private sector.

In HIV, much of the work with key and vulnerable populations has been spearheaded by civil society organizations (CSOs) and NGOs. These activities will be crucial in decreasing incidence globally, where key populations and their partners represent 54% of new HIV cases. Working with adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) to prevent HIV will also require engaging systematically and effectively with NGOs and CSOs. Improving laboratory systems and the supply chain will also require more systematic and efficient work with the private sector. Thus, across a broad swath of the Global Fund’s activities, private sector service delivery is already playing a central role, a role which will likely become even more important in the effort to achieve the ambitious 2030 goals.

The governments that the Global Fund works with play a central role in engaging the private sector. Part of their stewardship function in the health sector is to ensure that key preventive, diagnostic, and curative services are delivered effectively and efficiently. This implies that most governments will have to get better at: (i) engaging with private providers (including support and regulation); (ii) purchasing services, i.e. contracting with both the for profit and non-profit private sector, and (iii) managing such contracts.

The Senior Specialist, Private Sector Engagement will contribute to improving the ability of governments to coherently and effectively engage with the private sector to accelerate results in the fight against the three diseases and building resilient and sustainable systems for health (RSSH).

  • Strategy, Policy, and Technical Guidance. The Senior Specialist, Private Sector Engagement will provide thought leadership and help guide the Global Fund’s efforts in private sector engagement in service delivery. The Senior Specialist will advise governments on strategic thinking about how they work productively with their private sectors. The Senior Specialist will spearhead global activities, lead high-level country dialogue, and provide strategic inputs in to The Global Fund’s next strategy paper. The Senior Specialist will also be responsible for ensuring that Global Fund guidance notes and technical briefs reflect global best practice, helping shape Global Fund contracting practices and, if needed, developing a Global Fund strategy on private sector engagement.

  • Internal advice and support to grant implementation. The Senior Specialist will uncover opportunities for working with the private sector and independently provide expert advice to Country Teams and other stakeholders on practical ways of engaging successfully with the private sector across a broad array of services. The Senior Specialist will also proactively support implementation of private sector engagement activities.

  • Partnerships. The Senior Specialist will play a leadership role with a broad array of partner organization to promote and strengthen private sector engagement in service delivery related to the three diseases and building resilient and sustainable systems for health (RSSH).

Key Responsibilities

Under the leadership of the Senior Technical Coordinator, MNCH & HSS and in collaboration with the Technical Advice & Partnerships (TAP) Department, particularly the three disease advisors, and the Grants Management Division (GMD) the Senior Specialist, Private Sector Engagement will lead the work on improving the ability of governments to systematically engage with the private sector and ensuring that Global Fund resources are used to strengthen the involvement of the private sector in the fight against the three diseases and building RSSH.

Strategy, policy review, and technical guidance:

The Senior Specialist, Private Sector Engagement will:

  • Provide thought leadership globally on how The Global Fund and its partners, particularly governments, engage with the private sector to advance the fight against the three diseases and build RSSH.
  • Identify priority countries where private sector engagement will be particularly important in accelerating results.
  • Lead high-level policy dialogue with Governments and other stakeholders about the different aspects of private sector engagement.
  • Provide strategic-level input into the Global Fund’s next strategy, particularly that part related to private sector engagement across the three diseases and RSSH.
  • Review the way in which The Global Fund does its grant making and how Principal Recipients do their contracting to ensure that it facilitates effective and efficient private sector engagement.
  • Ensure that learning on private sector engagement is socialized across The Global Fund and reflected in investments.
  • If needed, develop a private sector engagement strategy for the Global Fund.
  • Provide training to Global Fund staff and key stakeholders and develop tools on private sector engagement that reflect global best practice.
  • Ensure that Global Fund’s guidance notes and technical briefs that relate to the private sector reflect the current state of the art and take full advantage of global experience and Global Fund learning.
  • Support the dialogue and help finalize the Payment for Results (PfR) note, particularly the sections dealing with activity-based contracting (ABC).
  • Help with updating the sustainability, transition, and co-financing (STC) policy, particularly the section on social contracting.

Provision of advice and support during country dialogue, grant making, and implementation:

The Senior Specialist will proactively uncover opportunities for private sector engagement and bring these to the attention of stakeholders including country teams. Working with and through country teams, the Senior Specialist, Private Sector Engagement will autonomously provide professional opinion and expert guidance on:

  • Strategic analysis at country level about opportunities and options for private sector engagement.
  • Helping stakeholders, particularly governments, in the broad design of private sector engagement strategies and plans.
  • Thinking through detailed design considerations, including the development of call for proposals and contracts/grants.
  • Ensuring that detailed design documents are clear about: (i) monitoring and evaluation, including means of verification and robust evaluation design for pilots; (ii) contract management arrangements; and (iii) payment mechanisms.
  • Supporting the implementation of private sector engagement activities in selected countries.
  • The implementation of the strategic initiative (SI) on innovations in service delivery component on private sector engagement.

Contributions to cross cutting work:

  • The Senior Specialist, Private Sector Engagement will provide technical inputs on private sector engagement issues to a wide range of internal stakeholders, including: (i) the Supply Operations Department; (ii) the Disease and Health advisors; (iii) GMD; (iv) the lab specialist; and (v) AGYW advisors.


  • The Senior Specialist, Private Sector Engagement will work in close collaboration with partners, including Gavi, the World Bank and other multilateral development banks, WHO, bilateral aid agencies, foundations, and NGOs who work on private sector engagement. From a leadership position, the Senior Specialist will explore means to collaborate with partners to broaden the use of private sector service providers in the fight against the three diseases and building RSSH.

Subject to change by the Executive Director at any time at their sole discretion.


Essential :

Advanced degree (Master’s or PhD) from a recognized university in the social sciences with a strong background in statistics and/or monitoring and evaluation.


  • Over 10 years of experience working in private sector engagement and actual service delivery;
  • Over 5 years of experience working on private sector engagement in lower or middle-income countries. This would comprise the following types of experience:
  • Successful experience working in a for-profit private sector firm or organization delivering social sector services
  • Delivering services in the non-profit sector under contract.
  • Working in or with governments on implementing private sector engagement strategies.
  • Successful experience working with governments in lower or middle-income countries in implementing private sector engagement activities such as contracting, public-private mix, etc.
  • Experience with international organizations on private sector engagement.



An excellent knowledge of English and preferably a good working knowledge of French. Knowledge of other languages would be an asset.

Organizational Competencies:

  • Global Fund awareness and mind-set
  • Service orientation
  • Drive for results
  • Collaboration
  • Interaction
  • Adaptability

Functional Competencies:

Strengthening Systems for Health

Global/Public Health

Procurement and Supply Chain

Operational Policy

Geo-political Awareness

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Job Posting End Date

03 March 2020


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